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ZuKnow - Social Flashcards


ZuKnow is a social memorization app that motivates continual learning. Set study goals; receive study reminders; track learning progress; compete with friends; unlock badges and create a habit of continual study - all for free.
• Learn a new language!Study content from Official ZuKnow Classes to learn languages ranging from Spanish to Chinese. Each language has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All content focuses on real conversation. Use the Text-to-Speech function to learn by listening.
• Create your own flashcards!Use your phone to create flashcards with words and pics. Make great study sets and share them with friends!
• Quiz yourself daily!ZuKnow helps you create better study habits with Push Quizzes. Receive short, daily quizzes from any sets you are studying. Stay on track, see your progress, and really learn!
• Compete with friends!See how you rank among your friends by viewing individual and group progress. Share in groups, be the first to master your studies and feel free to brag.
• Earn badges!Continual study unlocks a variety of badges. Learn, collect and share them with your friends!
Learning should be fun. Learn together with ZuKnow!
Features: • Free Official ZuKnow Foreign Language Studies• New Official Content added regularly • Set Goals and receive Push Quiz study reminders• Track learning progress• Create and share your own flashcard content• Create and join study groups • Fully integrated with the ZuKnow web service • Extensive library of material created by education professionals • Ever-growing library of user-generated material • Instant mobile app and web synching • Learn anything, anywhere, with anyone for free!